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Foxtails Brigade release final Farmhouse Series video!

Foxtails Brigade have released the 4th and final video in their Farmhouse Series, a set of live performance videos captured by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose. This one is for Long Day, one of our favorite cuts off of 2011′s The Bread and the Bait.


Foxtails Brigade have been super busy this summer, with a set of new recordings in the works and a series of festival gigs, but they return to SF for a special show at the Bottom of the Hill in a couple of weeks (Saturday, September 1st) for a show with the excellent Yesway and Whiskerman. For tickets, click the image to the right.


And yes, the video! For those who haven’t caught one of the earlier entries in the series, these were strictly live performances with no overdubs or do-overs, but shot with multiple cameras and edited in the ‘Pomplamoose’ style (thanks Jack!). You can check them out here.


Foxtails Brigade – Farmhouse Series #4:

“Long Day”

New Foxtails Brigade video series by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose

We got a great surprise in our mailbox over the weekend, and we wanted to share it with you. While we were running from event to event all last week at SXSW, Jack Conte of Pomplamoose was hard at work editing a series of videos he shot of Foxtails Brigade doing some of their new songs up at his place in Northern California. He released the first one on friday, and it’s great!

For the uninitiated, Pomplamoose is a wildly inventive 2 piece band that has made a name for themselves through a series of DIY videos posted to their youtube channel. These have built a huge audience over the past 3 years. So when we heard that Jack was a fan of Foxtails Brigade and was shooting a series of 4 videos for them, we couldn’t wait to see them. It was worth the wait. Without further comment, here is Foxtails Brigade doing “Don’t Look Down“.


Foxtails Brigade – Don’t Look Down
Farmhouse Sessions – 1 of 4 


Antenna Farm Blows Up Noise Pop 2012!!!

It’s February in San Francisco, and that means Noise Pop. Of course this year is special, because it’s the 20th Anniversary. Who’d have thought, back in 1992, that there’d still be “pop music” or even “noise” in 2012? And while we pause to feel a little bit of “pride” and a whole lot of “old” we’re also going to thank the wonderful bookers over in the noise pop offices for inviting no less than four Antenna Farm artists to play this year!


That’s right! We have confirmed Noise Pop shows for Papercuts, Social Studies, Foxtails Brigade, and our newest addition to the Antenna Farm family, Emily Jane White (ps…this last mention is still a bit of a secret, so only tell your closest and most gossipy friends…)


I could prattle on and on, but I know what you care about, my friend…SHOW DETAILS (and some music!) AFTER THE JUMP!!!!


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New Foxtails Brigade Video! ‘I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year’

A couple of weeks ago, Foxtails Brigade released their holiday themed mini-album, Time Is Passed, a wintery collection of instrumentals from their score for the film Losing Ferguson coupled with a set of decidedly non-saccharine Xmas-themed originals.

And of course, you can get a copy of this CD at the Antenna Farm Store, don’t forget there is a 25% discount on all CDs and LPs through the end of the year, just use promo code ‘foxtails25‘. Yes, just because we might be getting mushy on the holiday season doesn’t mean we don’t know a deal when we see it.

But back to the point. Now Foxtails Brigade has released a video for one of our fave cuts on the disc, I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year. If this is the future of Christmas music, we might be able to get used to it. But it’s not just us; this vid has already gotten props from rad folks ranging from art-pop duo Pomplamoose to mega gaming site Kotaku.  Check it out below, you’ll dig this.


Antenna Farm Holiday Sale! 25% off ALL CDs & LPs through 2011!

AF Holiday Sale 2011!

Yes, it’s the holidays. This can be a stressful time, dealing with presents for your picky friends and relatives and crappy Christmas music! Well, last week we let you know about a great new holiday themed CD, Time Is Passed, by Foxtails Brigade, and that alone has made the season almost bearable for us. But we wanted to do something more.

So we’re having a sale! For the entire month of December, you can take 25% off of every item in the Antenna Farm Store, just use the promo code ‘foxtails25′ at checkout, and you’re on your way to incredible savings!

Yes, your threat to aunt Josephine that she’d understand you if she only listened to Agent Ribbons, or your suspicion that your cousins would probably be a lot cooler if they checked out Sugar & Gold, or thoughts about how your mom probably would totally dig Bart Davenport? All of these theories are on the verge of being reality, because it’s Christmas time! And we’re here to help!

Antenna Farm has released some great records over the past few years, and now is the time to take advantage of a great deal and get your hands on some modern classics! Whether it’s the bands mentioned above, or great titles from Social StudiesPapercutsThe Dry SpellsStill Flyin’The BotticellisThe DonkeysWinfred E. Eye and more, this is your one-stop shop. And just between you and me, the best gifts are the ones you save for yourself!

So yes, be sure to visit the Antenna Farm Store during your holiday shopping and our worker elves (who are we kidding! It’s us!) will be turning orders around in record time. And be sure to take advantage of our 25% across the board discount by entering the promo code ‘foxtails25′. Support the musicians who you love year around and save yourself some bucks while doing it! This is one purchase that comes with no buyer’s remorse, friend.

Foxtails Brigade Release Holiday Album!

Foxtails Brigade - Time Is Passed CDThe holidays can be a lovely time of year, but sometimes it can also be really trying. The stress of speedshopping, the frantic rush to hit a hundred deadlines before years’ end…and then the music. Oh, God…the Christmas Music. An awful cavalcade of treacle, a flood of new recordings of standards that were totally beat last year and the year before, when some other washed up pop star dumped them on our collective psyche.
It always has us asking the question: why doesn’t someone make a good holiday album?
Well, that day has arrived. Foxtails Brigade has just put together a short CD called Time Is Passed that collects the music they composed for the short independent film Losing Ferguson along with a string of Christmas and Holiday themed songs that capture songwriter Laura Weinbach’s uniquely snarky and self-deprecating melancholy to a T.

To see what we’re talking about, stream I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year. One of our fave cuts from the CD and pretty much the theme we’re running with this year!

Foxtails Brigade – I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood This Year

Have a listen and you’ll see that this CD is the perfect companion piece for the holiday season, a wonderful way to cope with the next month of forced cheer and fake retail smiles. The best part is that you can order a copy for friends and family (and yourself!) without having to pepper spray anyone at your local Wal-Mart, just head over to the Antenna Farm Store to grab a copy, no fuss no muss!

Bay Area shows this weekend with Foxtails Brigade, Yip Deceiver & Papercuts!

yip deceiver live!A series of great shows this weekend in the Bay Area, check it out!

First, on Friday 12/2, Yip Deceiver (see photo) rolls into Oakland for a FREE show at the Uptown, part of the First Friday Art Murmur. The band features members of Sugar & Gold as well as of Montreal, and their live show is always a rocks off dance party. For more info on the show, check the Event page, here.

The same night in San Francisco (Friday, 12/2), chanteuse extraordinaire Laura Weinbach and her band Foxtails Brigade open a very special show for the one and only Jane Birkin at the Regency Ballroom. For information and advance tickets, click here. The following night, Saturday December 3rd, Foxtails Brigade head over to the Mission for an intimate show at Viracocha. Both shows will be the debut of the brand new Foxtails Brigade Christmas CD, so be sure to head out to one or both shows to pick up a copy! For more info on both shows, check the event page here.

Are we done yet? Not a chance! Also on Saturday, December 3rd, Papercuts headline a great lineup at the Rickshaw Stop! Noise Pop Presents Papercuts, with Dominant Legs and Tim Cohen’s Magic Trick. This is a rare SF performance for Papercuts, and with these great acts opening, this is not a show to miss. Advance tickets are recommended as this show will likely sell out. Get them here.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the Agent Ribbons Brooklyn residency ALSO starts this Friday, with 5 shows in our fave NYC Borough, plus a quick run upstate for a show at Bard College. For the full itinerary, click here!

Foxtails Brigade announces in-store at Berkeley Amoeba, featured at Rasputins

 Just a quick update this time around, and it’s all about some of our favorite local record stores.

First off, Foxtails Brigade‘s album, The Bread and the Bait is featured in this week’s Rasputin’s Bay Area Buzz, and the album is specially priced at all Bay Area locations. To check it out and find a Rasputin’s near you, click here.

In addition, Foxtails Brigade has just announced an in-store at the Berkeley Amoeba location, next Sunday (October 30th) at 6pm…Just in time for Halloween. For more info on the show, click here. As always, it is FREE.

So two great chances to get out and support your local record stores. We’ll see you in the aisles!


Foxtails Brigade return to US with shows in Oakland, SF & LA!

Foxtails Brigade are back from Europe after a series of club gigs and street shows that spanned from Reykjavik to Paris and Normandy, on to London and Bath. They return to a California that has missed them greatly (Berkeley’s 4th street hasn’t been the same!) a situation they are working to remedy!

Starting this Friday October 7th, join Foxtails Brigade for a FREE show in Oakland at the Uptown, part of the open gallery Art Murmur First Friday evening. Always a good time. Then next Thursday, October 13th, the band opens for the amazing Zee Avi at the Independent in San Francisco, before the two head down to LA for a show together at the legendary El Rey Theatre on Saturday October 15th. Details Below!

Friday, October 7th @ The Uptown. FREE SHOW 1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA.

Foxtails Brigade
Ghost & The City
Cash Pony
Ed Masuga

Thursday, October 13th @ The Independent 628 Divisadero, San Francisco

Zee Avi
Foxtails Brigade

Saturday, October 15th @ The El Rey Theatre 5515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

Zee Avi
Foxtails Brigade

As we’ve said many times before, a Foxtails Brigade performance is always quite something, a transcendent experience. Watch the video below to see what we’re talking about…and we’ll see you at the shows!

Foxtails Brigade Head to Europe!

Anton and Laura of Foxtails Brigade have fled the US for Europe, taking a stripped down version of the band on the road for some recording and guerilla street action.


Starting today, they will be in Reykjavik, Iceland for 10 days of shows and some recording work towards a follow-up album to The Bread and The Bait with Ryan Karazija (formerly of the excellent Audrye Sessions, now recording solo under the name Low Roar). Following that, it’s on to Paris for a week, then Berlin, Prague, Normandy, Bath, and wrapping up in London before returning to the states in early October.


The band will be playing club shows, but true to their nature, they’ll be playing the streets of Europe the entire time, busking from city to city. So keep your eyes and ears open, and be sure to follow Foxtails Brigade on twitter:  http://twitter.com/FoxtailsBrigade

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