We Are All Awesome

release date:
May 17, 2011


1.    AGENT RIBBONS “I’m Alright” (ANT534)
2.    SOCIAL STUDIES  “Time Bandit” (ANT533)
3.    SUGAR & GOLD   “Bodyaches (Single Version)” (ANT536)
4.    STILL FLYIN’  “Dead Memory Man”   (ANT528)
5.    BART DAVENPORT “Born to Suffer” (ANT526)
6.    THE BOTTICELLIS “When I Call”   (ANT525)
7.    PAPERCUTS “Well I Don’t”  (ANT508)
8.    FOXTAILS BRIGADE  “The Bread and the Bait” (ANT535)
9.    AGENT RIBBONS “Wood, Lead, Rubber” (ANT534)
10.    SOCIAL STUDIES “Drag A Rake” (ANT533)
11. THE DONKEYS “Lower the Heavens”(ANT516)
12.    SUGAR & GOLD “Slice Me Nice” (ANT531)
13. SANDYCOATES “Black Sleep” (previously unreleased)
14.    FOXTAILS BRIGADE “The Hours” (ANT535)
15.    THE DRY SPELLS “Rhiannon” (ANT529

Antenna Farm Records got its start back in October of 2003, with inaugural releases from Bart Davenport, and Helene Renaut’s Beam. Seven-plus years into the game (somebody must have broken another mirror!), we’ve had the opportunity to release some incredible music, starting with artists local to our beloved Bay Area, but gradually expanding our geographic reach to the 4 corners of the United States.

Over the years, it has been our pleasure to release debut releases from the likes of Papercuts, The Donkeys, The Botticellis, Still Flyin’ and Sugar & Gold, as well as albums from Bart Davenport, Social Studies, Agent Ribbons and many more. We’ve released 7” records from Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, The Cuts and Saturday Looks Good to Me, and with a brand new album from Foxtails Brigade, we are going strong.

But beyond the concept of extremely talented musicians crafting unforgettable music is the close-knit family of like-minded artists that we’ve been able to welcome into our inner circle. These aren’t just amazing bands, they’re made up of amazing people, and sharing their music with you has always been a privilege we count ourselves as lucky to have.

We Are All Awesome is a love letter back to these great musicians and a tribute to their craft. Featuring some of our favorite cuts from the last few years worth of AF releases, this is a great way to get yourself acquainted, or re-acquainted with the Antenna Farm catalog. Whether you are just discovering us through one of our touring bands, or whether you’ve been a fan all along, these are some great songs you need to get into your collection.