release date:
April 12, 2011


1. Creeping Ophelia
2. The Hours
3. Pan-Asian Delight
4. Chat With Sivan
5. The Bread And The Bait
6. The Doll
7. The Clown
8. For Leo
9. Long Day
10. Steak And Cookies
11. Sycamores

Sometimes the sweetest flowers have the sharpest thorns. Such is the case with Foxtails Brigade’s debut album The Bread and the Bait. Everything about the album is delicate, from the neo-Victorian storybook illustration of the cover to the intricate lyrics and pristine musical arrangements. You won’t any find drums here, just quiet, finger-picked guitar, ethereal vocals and simple violin and cello melodies; the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon tea.

Yet underneath the lace and finery lies a cunning darker edge. Killer bees, hungry flies and porcelain dolls that come to life populate a lyrical landscape rife with hints of rot, aging, and death. Live audiences are similarly jolted when the tiny, doll-like front-woman Laura Weinbach switches from her pitch-perfect vocals to turbulent rants and complex classical guitar riffs on more chaotic songs like “Steak and Cookies”. Sharp thorns indeed.

The Bread and the Bait (recorded by Scott McDowell, Anton Patzner, Dave Reep and Drew Zagesec and mixed by Jay Pellicci, Anton Patzner and Dave Reep) will be released April 12th 2011 on Antenna Farm Records.