Various Artists - Euphoria Is All We Know

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01) STILL FLYIN' - Good Thing It's A Ghost Town Around Here
02) SUGAR & GOLD - Neighborhood
03) BART DAVENPORT - Euphoria Or Everyone On Earth Is So Beautiful, Even You
04) THE BOTTICELLIS - The Reviewer
05) THE DONKEYS - In The Morning
06) THE DRY SPELLS - Lost Daughter
07) PAPERCUTS - A Fairy Tale
09) BART DAVENPORT - A Young One
10) SARAH WHITE & THE PEARLS - We Have a Song
11) THE DONKEYS - Try To Get By
12) WINFRED E. EYE - Lil Peck
13) THE BOTTICELLIS - Stay With My Brother
14) PAPERCUTS - Mockingbird
16) STILL FLYIN' - Rope Burn
17) SUGAR & GOLD - What Kind Of Lover Are You?
18) JE SUIS FRANCE - That Don't Work That Well For Us
19) BART DAVENPORT - Sad Machine
20) SANDYCOATES - Melody Memory

Antenna Farm started at the end of 2003 with the modest goal of turning people on to the great music that our friends in the Bay Area were making. Since then we’ve had the extraordinary privilege of releasing some great music by artists who have come to feel like family to us, and we’ve never looked back.

30 releases in seemed like a great time to reflect on the past five or so years, and also to continue in our mission to share the genius that our artists have been making. With that in mind, we have compiled a collection that we call “Euphoria Is All We Know”. Behold 20 songs representing some of our favorite releases over the years, and what better way to reward YOU, the fans who have kept us going, than by offering this collection to you for free!

Order Euphoria Is All We Know using the link to the upper right and we will send you a copy of the CD in a hand-assembled recycled cardboard sleeve.

So wait no longer! Get yourself re-acquainted with some of your favorite Antenna Farm releases and discover some new talent that you may not have caught yet. And we promise not to wait another 5 years before putting together another collection like this!