Too Soon For Flowers

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01) Lost Daughter
02) Black Is The Color
03) Sruti
04) The Golden Vanity
05) Evangeline
06) Too Soon For Flowers
07) The Crow
08) Batwood
09) Rhiannon

The Dry Spells balance an acoustic, multi-instrumentalist approach with some of the elements of harder-edged classic rock, with the intersection of folk traditionals with electric instrumentation providing their inspiration. On their debut album, Too Soon for Flowers, the Dry Spells prove they are as gifted at songwriting as they are at interpretation, presenting a song cycle that invites listeners to join them as they traverse an arboreal path less taken, to an uncertain yet revered destination. Along the way, there will be epic songs of deep-sea weddings, sirens, and gold rush tragedies, each illuminating a bit more of the path ahead and offering another piece to the puzzle.

Too Soon For Flowers is a collection of exquisitely crafted songs that couple bewitching lyrics with bold vocal harmony and strings interplay, offering a palpable sense of loss and sorrow. Yet like the folk traditionals by which they are inspired, The Dry Spells offer redemption in their melodies, a sense of hope realized in chiming harmonies. Too Soon For Flowers was recorded to analog tape at Louder Studios by SF rock auteur Tim Green (Melvins, Joanna Newsom, Howlin’ Rain, Monotonix, Sleater-Kinney).

And now, courtesy of our friends at Empty Cellar Records, this remarkable platter is available on glorious 140 gram vinyl, complete with download card. Due to time restrictions on the LP format, track 9 (Rhiannon) is not included, but is still part of the free MP3 download that comes with purchase. Limited to 500 copies so get yours now!

Some Words About “Too Soon For Flowers

“Mixes the rockier side of Fairport Convention with the folkier side of Fleetwood Mac…the perfect weekend wake-up music.” — NPR, All Songs Considered

“Beautifully recorded on tape by the Fucking Champs’ Tim Green at his Louder Studios, The Dry Spell echo with reverb-y lyric guitar, plinging bells, a touch of droning melodica, and baklava-sweet harmonies that evoke the minimal post-punk of Electrelane and the maximal ethno-folk-punk of Camper Van Beethoven.” —SF Bay Guardian

“Every element of this record is impressive – the playing first rate, the songs accessible but without cliché, the producing (that’s Tim Green) sharp and clear. You get the sense that all five principals know a good deal about music, not just folk and rock, but classical, madrigal singing, raga and other styles, and have folded all these ideas seamlessly into a cohesive statement.” —Dusted

‘The Dry Spells are utterly refreshing. With their blend of influences and instruments ranging from folk to electronica, the band churn out epic pop ballads that find a balance between their dark, beautiful female harmonies and melodies to something that is compelling in its’ varied complexity…there is something cheerful in the pretty harmonies and easy structures of these songs. Something that should carry you over in a time of a musical dry spell.’ — Baeble Music

“The group’s whimsical yet often brooding sound gives way to imagery evoking woodland like wonder coupled with a dark, gothic sensibility….Brilliant. Of course, you’ll want to go back and listen in on their subtle nuances over and over.” —Delusions Of Adequacy