Still Flyin' - Never Gonna Touch The Ground

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01) Never Gonna Touch The Ground
02) Following The Itinerary
03) Forever Dudes
04) Good Thing Its a Ghost Town Around Here
05) Act of Jamming
06) The Hott Chord is Struck
07) No Go-Kart Ideas
08) Haunted Houses
09) Dead Memory Man
10) Ginko Bilboa
11) Aerosmith Take Me To The Other Side

Already a fixture on the European festival circuit, Still Flyin’ are following up their 2 EPS released on Antenna Farm with their first full length LP Never Gonna Touch The Ground. With concurrent CD releases in the UK by Moshi Moshi, in AUS by Lost & Lonesome, and the US by Ernest Jenning, Antenna Farm is pleased to offer this stellar release on 140 gram vinyl LP, complete with a poster and free album download with purchase. Raging hard, and the band is spending most of 2009 on tour in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

NGTTG was recorded in San Francisco by Jason Quever (Papercuts) and mixed in Melbourne by Haima Marriott with help from Gus Franklin and Isobel Knowles (all of Architecture In Helsinki). With an expanded musical pallette, Never Gonna Touch The Ground shows the loose Still Flyin’ collective moving beyond their punky reggae party into penetrating Slo-jams (“Following the Itinerary”, “Haunted Houses”), high energy thunder jams (“Ghost Town”, “Dead Memory Man”) and insanely catchy world-pop (“The Hott Chord is Struck”).