Winfred E. Eye - Til I Prune

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01) Oh So Free
02) Lil Peck
03) Sleeping
04) Packed Up
05) Two Baby Moths
06) His Den
07) Molten Core
08) Movin On
09) Toof Hurty
10) Til I Prune
11) Sweet Poison
12) Mighty Dirty River

Til I Prune is Winfred E. Eye’s fourth full length and their first for Antenna Farm Records. With it, they have delivered their most mature set of songs to date. Following a band hiatus during which Aaron Calvert, an early childhood educator, released a solo album of children’s songs, W.E.E. has returned to the dark highways that they know so well, but with an expanded vision and songwriting chops that have fully come into their own.

Drawing upon a sonic palette that ranges from Beefheart-inspired stompers to dark drones with repeated guitar lines and impassioned cries, and even including a couple of solemn lullabies, Til I Prune balances a boozy melancholy with a strong dose of dark humor and even, at times, a sense of satisfaction with loves found, and not yet lost.

Some Words About “Til I Prune

“On their latest, Til I Prune, Winfred E. Eye has distilled [their] sound into a gem of rare and wonderful clarity. On the album’s strongest tunes, such as the heartbreaking “Sleeping,” the band displays a clear sense of restraint that drives the melody forward with subtlety and grace. Well, done, gentlemen.” — Blurt Online Til I Prune review, 8/10

“Lots of singer/songwriter types go for that shambling, quietly desperate and plaintive vibe, but few them do it as well or as effortlessly as Aaron Calvert.” —Prefix Mag Til I Prune review, 9.0/10

“Exactly the kind of crusty, creepy music that you’d expect to hear emanating from a rusted old Oakland warehouse in the dead of night. Consider them the Bay Area’s answer to Tom Waits…offset by the more traditional psych-blues of the Black Angels and the odd-duck pop construction Isaac Brock tapped into for Ugly Casanova.” — LA Weekly

Til I Prune contains some seriously absorbing little gems. Smart songs with cool reflective lyrics…and some of the most beautiful melodies we have thus far heard in 2009….An obvious top pick this month. Recommended.” —Babysue

“Keenly observed pieces about the human existence…Aaron Calvert and Mikel Garmendia have been doing this for a while, and they seem to have the hang of it.” —Aiding and Abetting

“If you’re a bit of a loner who likes to drive for many hours with your dog slobbering out of the window next to you, Til I Prune could be your favorite album of the year. Even if you’re not this extreme, but have a penchant for tortoise-step Americana soundscapes and bleak lyrics, you’ll fall in love with this album.” —The Red Alert