The Botticellis - Old Home Movies

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01) Old Home Movies
02) Stay With My Brother
03) When I Call
04) Up Against the Glass
05) The Reviewer
06) New Room
07) Flashlight
08) Tongue Is Blue
09) Who Are You Now
10) Table By the Window

Old Home Movies, the debut album from the Botticellis, is polished, orchestral, and surprisingly subtle, with a remarkably full and mature sound for such a young band. The classic, larger than life production is full of delicate flourishes; the Botticellis’ stylized sound echoes the production aesthetic of some of the great 70s pop records from Big Star, Chris Bell, and George Harrison.

“A classic is a classic the first time you hear it….Old Home Movies, with phantom kisses and bygone ghosts of yesteryear jumping out of the binding, is a sung benediction to great songs had and great songs yet to come, a rare and blindly first offering.” — Daytrotter

“Old Home Movies” drips with something lush…A fantastic band.” — Future Sounds