Je Suis France - Afrikan Majik

release date:


01) Sufficiently Breakfast
02) Virtual Heck
03) Whalebone
04) That Don't Work That Well For Us
05) Digital Shrimp
06) Wizard of Points
07) 101 Miles and Runnin'
08) Chemical Agents
09) Feeder Band
10) The Love of the France
11) California Still Rules
....and Never Gonna Touch the Ground

Je Suis France was formed nearly 10 years ago in Athens, GA. Since then the membership has expanded to 9 members, located in Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Afrikan Majik is JSFs third album, after their self titled debut for David Lowerys Pitch-a-Tent records and Fantastic Area on Orange Twin.

Afrikan Majik captures Je Suis France at the pinnacle of their powers. Raging 10+ minute krautrock jams lead into short, garagey nuggets that bring to mind “Here Come the Warm Jets” played by Superchunk. The album opens with the sprawling 16 minute Sufficiently Breakfast and the arepegiated synth and chanting of Whalebone. By the Trans Am-styled Wizard of Points the trip is in full swing. If things get a little heavy with the elctronic washes of Feeder Band, JSF brings it back from the edge with the gentle bonus reggae track Never Gonna Touch the Ground, the inspiration for brother band Still Flyin, also available on Antenna Farm.