Still Flyin' - Za Cloud EJ

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01) Sticking My Head in Ice Water
(Almost for Too Long)
02) The Bird is Aware
03) Fuck the Stress
04) Earthquake Body
05) The Art of Jamming

The ever shifting international collective known as Still Flyin’ continue to bring the noise with the Za Cloud EJ, the second in a series of “Extended Jam” EPs recorded by Jason Quever (papercuts) and again featuring handdrawn artwork by DJ Hammond, inspired by the band’s Mind Zap festival.

The Za Cloud EJ continues where the previous Time Wrinkle EJ left off with five songs of certified Still Flyin’ live show favorites. And with members of bands such as The Aislers Set, Ladybug Transistor, Love Is All, Masters of the Hemisphere, Dear Nora, Je Suis France and more making it to the jam, this EP brings the good vibes you’ve been looking for.