Chicken On A Raft - Self Titled

release date:


01) James Bird
02) Horseshoe
03) The Snow is On The Ground
04) Lone Pilgrim
05) Springfield Mountain
06) I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape
07) Bachelor's Hall
08) After Last Fall
09) One Morning In May
10) Which Side Are You On?
11) Cherry Tree Carol
12) Lady Gay
13) Searching for Lambs

Chicken on a Raft is Thom Moore (Moore Brothers, Nedelle and Thom) and Tommy Carns (Billy Talbott Band). Sharing a mutual love for traditional folk music, the duo began playing music in the tradition of the Watersons, reviving folk music culled from wax cylinders and the Library of Congress.

Their debut album is a collection of American Traditionals, ballads, and popular tunes that have passed down from generation to generation, each iteration providing it’s own input to the meaning of a lyric and melody. They tell stories of loves lost, political intrigue, and lingering mysteries that are as true and applicable today as when first sung by a long forgotten minstrel.