Paul Bertolino - Inner Soundtrack

release date:


01) Here We Go
02) Fall For It
03) Sold Out
04) The Fader
05) Wind & Wear Out
06) Lost & Found On King St.
07) Make the Scene
08) I Will Answer
09) Against The Shallow
10) Spoonful Blue
11) Where Am I?
12) Try As You Might
13) Return To Form
14) Monday Night Drive
15) Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

Paul Bertolino’s debut solo album is a gently psychedelic soft rock odyssey – an inspired homage from a pop culture obsessive. With Paul supplying most of the instrumentation and good vibes, this is the kind of record that just can’t help but make new friends with every first-time listener. Infusing classic elements of Baroque, Chamber and Power Pop, each track is a timeless yet thoroughly modern example of unique rock songwriting at it’s very best, and is enough to hook even the most jaded music-lover.

But this album is more than just an exercise in mastery of boutique styles. This is an intimate experience, an Inner Soundtrack, if you will. Just listen to his sadly-sweet, pitch-perfect vocal sensibilities and you can forget about coming through the other side…these songs are right-on, my friend. Combine that with an ear for classic arrangements and production that acknowledges the best aspects of psychedelic pop, from Smile to Screamadelica and beyond….And both sides of your cranium will be feelin’ it.

Paul draws from a well that incorporates the toughest 60s jangle-rock, the softest 70’s a.m. gold, and maybe even a pinch of Radio Shack synth swagger. Almost in spite of that it’s laid back, California songwriting so solid and proprietary that it refuses to be picked apart into it’s base elements…try as you might. This is the stuff that will make up the Nuggets Boxes of the future, so why wait? Come feel the love.