Michael Talbott and the Wolfkings - Freeze-Die-Come To Life

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01) Winter Streets
02) Gray Day
03) The Passenger II
04) Autumn Ashes
05) Goodnight
06) Angel of Light
07) First Rain
08) The Passenger I
09) Sing To Me
10) All My Days Are So Cold

Antenna Farm Records is proud to present the debut album from Michael Talbott and The Wolfkings, a ten track song cycle that is making converts out of each new listener. Recorded by Scott Hirsch and MC Taylor (of the Court and Spark), Freeze-Die-Come To Life is an ornate masterpiece that combines Baroque Pop, British Folk, and Eno/Lanois influenced atmospherics to make a new genre all it’s own.

Following Michael’s departure from the Winter Flowers, he set about assembling the ultimate backing band for a set of new compositions. The Wolfkings would assist in capturing an atmospheric sound that while acoustic in nature, could not be confined by the trendy ‘Freak Folk’ tag. And they have suceeded with an album that is much more aligned with the terrestrial darkness and intensity of early Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake than the cosmic whimsy of Marc Bolan, Vashti Banyan and their latter day imitators.

Recorded over the course of a year at the Court and Spark’s studio in their SF Mission compound, the album boasts contributions from a who’s who of Bay Area musicians, including Tom Heyman, Zoe Keating, and Nino Moschella. They have come together to make an evocative album unlike any other, full of sober reflection and ecstatic expression. It is an album of quiet anthems that will haunt long after the music stops.