Readyville - Readyville

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01) Guntown
02) AvanelSquare
03) An El Camino Is A Car
04) Do Me A Favor
05) When A Man Loves You
06) Lorena
07) Anne
08) Monica
09) Bottom Of The Bay
10) 364 Days
11) Life Is Rough
12) Singing Along

Readyville’s self-titled debut is full of weepers in the tradition of Buck Owens, or more recently The Old 97′s (you know, back when they ruled), but with the sparse heartache of folks like The Mountain Goats, early Billy Bragg, or Elvis Costello demos (one of the few dudes who deserves bonus tracks). The album is a nice mix of frantic rockers and more subdued cuts, although Nick’s mom insists that they all sound the same. They’re all really sad, anyway.

Musically, Readyville’s debut consists of a crudely played acoustic guitar and much more proficiently played accompaniments – lap steel, electric guitar, and reed organ are prominently featured on the album. The lyrics relay bitter vignettes about love lost, love found too late, or love not found at all – all tinged with a mixture of hope and irreverence that keeps it from ending up in your standard sad bastard with guitar shitpile.