Saturday Looks Good To Me -  The Girl's Distracted b/w Last Night 7

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A1) The Girl's Distracted
A2) The Girl's Distracted (First Version)
B1) Last Year

Saturday Looks Good To Me make glorious pop music. The kids all seem to be saying Phil Spector, Motown and Brian Wilson. We’d like to add the names Jonathan Richman, Skip Spence and Kim Fowley to that already strange yet heady amalgamation.

This 7” will present the good people with a taste of S.L.G.T.M.’s Polyvinyl Records full length Every Night. “The Girl’s Distracted” zips by like the Modern Lovers trying to cover a Belle & Sebastian song, getting confused by the dizzying string section and boy-girl vocal trade-offs. The single features two non-album cuts: a punked-out alternate version of the a-side and the stellar b-side “Last Year.” Dig it.

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