Hard Place - Hard Place

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02)By Yourself
03)Denim Boys
04)Last Dance
05)Man From Detroit
06)Make the Cut
07)Little Joy

Like a genetic mutation of Queen, Joe Jackson, Devo and the Sparks, Hard Place seem to have an endless supply of rock solid hooks and earnestly sarcastic wit…The combination makes for intelligent songs that are so catchy that in the words of one industry insider: “the only way to get a Hard Place song out of your head is to listen to another Hard Place song.”

After self-releasing their first collection of songs In Reverse in early 2003, The Hard Place found themselves at the center of a major-label bidding war, but, nonplussed by paltry offers (“They offered us millions, but not enough millions,” says guitarist/vocalist Freddy Christy) they instead chose to release this Mini-LP with Oakland stalwart Antenna Farm Records.

Recorded with the Hard Place’s original lineup (featuring Nathan Shafer on keys) this album perfectly captures the trio’s lean-and-mean approach as they effortlessly walked the tightrope between hard and soft rock. Stuffed with sing-along anthems and not afraid to rock when the time is right, this is the trend-setting album that is widely credited with killing off both rap-metal and electroclash in one fell swoop.

The vinyl version of the Hard Place mini-LP is pressed on 140 gram vinyl and has an alternate cover.