Bart Davenport - Bart Davenport

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02)Miami Afternoon
03)New Cool Shoes
04)Terri's Song
05)Sugar Pie 1&2
06)A Clever Girl
08)Beg Steal Borrow
09)Mannequin Bride
10)Art Thieves
11)Wheel of Love
12)Vox 2

Originally released in 2002 on indie-pop label Paris Caramel, Bart Davenport’s self-titled solo debut album is a tour-de-force collection of songs that showcase a creative freedom bubbling over after more than a decade of writing and performing as part of band ensembles. Wildly eclectic, with spot-on performances and a relentless sincerity, Bart’s debut album was a revelation for both critics and fans alike. Sampling a variety of pop styles from Bacharach-esque pop and country rock to electro bossas and stripped down folk, Bart Davenport plays like an early blueprint for the genre-hopping pop that has come to define his solo career.