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01) The Sweetest Game 02) The Saviors 03) Bar-Code Trees 04) Euphoria Or Everyone On Else is So Beautiful Even You 05) Summer In Her Hair 06) Sideways Findways 07) When You're Sad 08) Porcelain Frog 09) My Brother Woody 10) Nowhere Left To Go 11) Tee 12) Intertwine

Game Preserve is a whirlwind tour through the world of Bart Davenport, the Berkeley singer-songwriter who has been called the ‘Mayor of the East Bay.’ A seasoned veteran of the West Coast scene, BD can bust a wide array of styles, from a pop-locking soul brother to a plaintive and timeless folk singer, and anyone who’s seen his live show can attest to his magnetic stage presence.

Produced by Jon Erickson (Preston School of Industry, Moore Brothers), Game Preserve has a tight, no-nonsense analog sound that is both classic and pioneering. Keeping with the East Bay spirit, this album has more cameos than a hip-hop record. Members of Call and Response, Cake, Subtle (anticon), and Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days all contributed, while vocal harmonies from the Moore Brothers and Nedelle give many of Davenport’s songs a West Coast ‘Ventura Highway’ kind of vibe. All in all, Game Preserve is a showcase for Bart’s unique combination of talent and sincerity; this is eclectic folk-rock from someone who knows exactly how to do it right, but is willing to take chances on something new.