The Dry Spells announce debut album and tour dates, and are featured on NPR’s “All Songs Considered”

Dry SpellsAntenna Farm Records is pleased to announce the debut album from San Francisco’s The Dry Spells, set for release on August 11th, called Too Soon For Flowers. The Dry Spells play psychedlic-tinged rock that leans heavily on British and American traditional folk, featuring an array of electric and acoustic instrumentation, driving guitars, and soaring harmonies.

Featuring past and present members of SF’s critically lauded, Retro-Prog-Psych transcendentalist outfit Citay, the Dry Spells have been making waves locally for the past few years, and are now starting to get noticed nationally. They are featured this week on NPR’s All Songs Considered (to check out a podcast, click here) and have just announced some California tour dates. For more info on the Dry Spells, click here.

Upcoming Live Dates

6/25 – Chico, CA- Cafe Coda w/ Citay
6/26 – Nevada City, CA- The Basement w/Citay, Kings & Queens, Dame Satan
6/27 – San Francisco, CA- The Tempest w/ Citay, Dame Satan and tUnE-YaRdS
7/1 – San Luis Obispo, CA- House Party w/Citay
7/2 – Los Angeles, CA- Silverlake Lounge w/Citay and the Chapin Sisters
7/3 – Big Sur, CA- Mother Hips Family Hipnic w/Citay, Mother Hips, Parson Redheads, and more
7/4 – Monterey, CA- Underground Lounge w/Citay
7/16 – San Francisco, CA- Rickshaw Stop w/That Ghost & No-One and the Nobodies

Still Flyin’ and Winfred E. Eye albums in stores today!

That’s right, kids. In stores today, the new CD from Winfred E. EyeTil I Prune” and the new LP from Still Flyin’Never Gonna Touch The Ground“. So head over to your favorite independent local record store and pick yourself up a copy, or hit the AF store for home delivery.

Join us as we celebrate these fine releases! First, Winfred E. Eye will be taking over the mighty KALX Berkeley (90.7 FM in the Yay Area, for those of you in the rest of the world) at 10 am PST this Thursday (4/30) for some live performance and in studio interview type action. They will then be playing SF’s House of Shields the next night (Friday, May 1st) to celebrate the record release.

More info:

Then, on Saturday May 9th, join Still Flyin as they jam SF’s Cafe Du Nord a new one for their record release, no bummers allowed. Note opener Excalibrah, and be warned, this snap will be off the chain. For more info:

For more info:


Still Flyin’ and Winfred E. Eye pre-orders available now!!

Hey friends, just a week until some great new releases from Antenna Farm hit stores, but those of you in the know can get your orders in early!Never Gonna Touch The Ground

4/28 is the release date for Still Flyin’s debut full length “Never Gonna Touch The Ground” available from Antenna Farm on glorious 140 gram vinyl, complete with snazzy poster and download card so you can jam it on your i-walkman thingy. Check it here.

4/28 is also the release date for Winfred E. Eye‘s 4th full length “Til I Prune“. They’re celebrating with a series of shows in Southern California and SF, plus a live in-studio appearance on Berkeley’s KALX 4/30. You can pick up a copy from the band at any of these shows or check it here.

Get on it, friends!Til I Prune

Winfred E. Eye and Antenna Farm Present “Til I Prune” out April 28th!

Winfred E. EyeThey’re back. Antenna Farm Records is pleased to present the first album release in almost 6 years from our old friends Winfred E. Eye. The last time these Oakland mainstays released a record, the Iraq war was brand new, Britney Spears seemed sane, and Bush seemed certain to be a one term president. A lot has changed in the intervening years, but W.E.E. remain the gritty, hirsute storytellers they always have been, prepared to share their best work to date.

With Til I Prune, the band’s fourth full length and their first for Oakland’s Antenna Farm Records, Winfred E. Eye have delivered their most mature set of songs to date. Following a band hiatus during which Calvert, an early childhood educator, released a solo album of children’s songs, W.E.E. has returned to the dark highways that they know so well, but with an expanded vision and songwriting chops that have fully come into their own. Drawing upon a sonic palette that ranges from Beefheart-inspired stompers to dark drones with repeated guitar lines and impassioned cries, and even including a couple of solemn lullabies, Til I Prune balances a boozy melancholy with a strong dose of dark humor and even, at times, a sense of satisfaction with loves found, and not yet lost.

Upcoming Live Dates

4/18 – San Jose – Streetlight Records In-Store. Record Store Day!
4/24 – Los Angeles – The Smell w/ CB Brand, Young Hunting and Lorno
4/25 – San Diego – Bar Pink w/Willard Grant Conspiracy
4/26 – Los Angeles – American Apparel presents Sundays in the Courtyard at Space 15 Twenty
5/1 – San Francisco – House of Shields w/Harbours

SXSW 2009: It’s a Wrap!!

S&G, Botts and BD band take a breather

Damn. What a total jam. We are amazed at all the folks who were able to put SXSW writeups and photo albums together without a week of detox, but I guess we’re just laggers! But really, what is there to report? We drank some yellow beer with death metal pizza. Hooked up with friends from cool labels like Hometapes, EJRC, and Friendly Fire, and partied with our dear friends at Team Clermont. Ate a few TX tacos, which are different than what you get here in CA. And we wore about an inch off our shoe soles running around. But really, what we did was see some amazing shows.

Obviously I gotta call out the killer sets from the 5 AF acts that made it out to Austin, namely The Dry Spells, The Botticellis, Sugar & Gold, Bart Davenport and Still Flyin’ as well as AF alumni like The Donkeys and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Hott to say the least, and the only complaint on our showcase was that at a certain point it got too crowded to get good photos and there was still a line out the door! What’s up with that?!?

Of course we also saw great sets from friends like The Blank Tapes, Fools Gold, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Excalibrah, Gravy Train!!!! and too many more to mention. And no, we did not care to go see that over hyped Kanyetallica noise, too busy dancing at the Still Flyin’ after hours van jam thank you very much!

All in all it was much as it always is, overwhelming and raucous, a total rager. But words don’t really cut it, so here are some photos, I’m told they each have a word count of about a thousand. To see the entire stream, hit up the flickr!

The Dry Spells at the Antenna Farm/Uncle Showcase

The Dry Spells at the Antenna Farm/Uncle Showcase

The Botticellis at the SFxSXSW party

The Botticellis at the SFxSXSW party

The Bart Davenport band at the Antenna Farm/Uncle Booking showcase

The Bart Davenport band at the Antenna Farm/Uncle Booking showcase

Sugar & Gold at the Music Gym

Sugar & Gold at the Music Gym

Still Flyin’ at the EJRC Showcase

Sugar & Gold at the Music Gym

The Donkeys at Maggie Mae’s

Sugar & Gold at the Music Gym

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone at the Team Clermont party

Sugar & Gold at the Music Gym

See you next year Austin!!!

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