Where can I find Antenna Farm Records for sale?

Antenna Farm releases are physically distributed in the United States and Europe via Nail/Allegro, Revolver, Carrot Top and a variety of one-stops like AEC, Super D, and Baker & Taylor. If your favorite local store is not carrying a title you’re looking for, you can have them order it from any of these entities. All of our titles are available from online retailers like Amazon, etc…though you should support your favorite local store when possible.

All of our titles are also available at great prices from the Antenna Farm store.

You can also find all of our titles available for download from online digital retailers like iTunes, Amazon digital, 7Digital, Rhapsody, and many, many more retailers. Antenna Farm distributes digitally via IODA/Orchard exclusively.

I ordered something from your web store, when should I expect it?

All Antenna Farm shipping is done through the US Postal Service. We ship all CDs first class within the US and via Airmail for international orders. All LPs are shipped within the US via media mail with delivery confirmation, which takes a little longer, but allows us to keep shipping prices at a fraction of what they would cost to ship first class. International LP orders are shipped airmail.

Orders are processed and shipped from Oakland, CA within 48 hours of receipt (often within 24 hours!), with the exception of certain holidays. Depending on where you are, this will put the music in your mailbox in 2 to 7 business days. LP orders may take a little longer.

If you wish to order an LP and have it shipped first class or via some other carrier than the USPS, please contact us directly.

If you have a question about your order, or want to report a shipping problem, contact us here.

Dude, why are you charging so much for shipping outside of the United States? Jeez!

See HERE. Sorry. Our only other option is losing money on every item we ship overseas.

I’m in a band and I want to work with Antenna Farm to release my record. Should I send you my demo?

In a word, sure. We try to listen to every demo that comes in (eventually), and many are quite good. Here are some tips:

1. Email us first with a link to your music (no attached files please!). Rather than spend money on postage on shipping us something that we just can’t work with, lets get started on the internet. Ones and zeroes are just much cheaper.

2. Speaking of which….are you a nu-metal band? A House producer? Crustpunk? We have eclectic tastes and a pretty wide ranging roster as far as musical styles go, but do yourself a favor and listen to some of our records before hitting us up. You might be surprised at how many cds we get in the mail from bands who clearly have little or nothing to do with the kind of music we work with.

3. Also….is your band ready to release a CD? That may sound kind of like an asshole talking, but hear me out. Shit’s hard in the music industry right now. 1000 cds is a lot to think about selling for a band that hasn’t done a lot of touring yet, and as lame as the whole “social networking” thing is, it is nothing short of essential for a band that is trying to build a fan base and cut through the noise. If your band is not on top of this stuff, touring regularly and building a rapport with your fan base, there is nothing that any record label can do to make it happen. If you have a bunch of great completed songs in the can, but haven’t put in your dues touring, networking and building a fan base, consider packaging your own cd to sell at shows and use as a calling card for soliciting labels on your next release.

4. Finally, don’t be bummed by rejection. You might recall that even the Beatles got turned down by every label in London on their way to their first record deal. It’s part of the game. Antenna Farm is a small label, we typically release only about 4 or so full lengths a year. That’s a lot less than the number of great demos and finished CDs we get in the mail. But in the end, we take releasing records very seriously, and put a lot of work into every one we do. We simply don’t have the resources to do right by more than 3 or 4 albums in a given year (believe me, we’ve tried), and we end up turning down a ton of great albums and artists. Do not let it get you down, sometimes the circumstances just aren’t right, and that’s all there is to it.

If your question wasn’t covered by one of these, shoot us your inquiry here!