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Winfred E. EyeWinfred E. Eye

Winfred E. Eye is the ten-years-running collaboration between singer/guitarist Aaron Calvert and bassist/guitarist Mikel Garmendia, who operate at the core of an ever-evolving lineup that has crested and receded over the years like the tides. The band, named after Calvert’s grandfather, plays a rusty, shuffling Americana that pays tribute to wayfaring strangers, dreams mislaid, family and love torn asunder. A well travelled road, to be sure, but Calvert’s songwriting and emotionally raw vocals bring a depth and meaning to sentiments that might quickly turn maudlin in less capable hands.

With Til I Prune, the band’s fourth full length and their first for Oakland’s Antenna Farm Records, Winfred E. Eye have delivered their most mature set of songs to date. Following a band hiatus  during which Calvert, an early childhood educator, released a solo album of children’s songs, W.E.E. has returned to the dark highways that they know so well, but with an expanded vision and songwriting chops that have fully come into their own. Drawing upon a sonic palette that ranges from Beefheart-inspired stompers to dark drones with repeated guitar lines and impassioned cries, and even including a couple of solemn lullabies, Til I Prune balances a boozy melancholy with a strong dose of dark humor and even, at times, a sense of satisfaction with loves found, and not yet lost.

Calvert and Garmendia first came together in the SF Bay Area in 1999, after cutting their teeth in L.A.’s cult favorites Evergreen and Oakland’s Cars Get Crushed respectively. Originally formed as a home recording duo embracing found sounds, ancient tape machines, and deliberate sonic artifacts, Winfred E. Eye soon developed into a full live band, eventually sharing stages with kindred sprits Smog, Will Oldham, Black Heart Procession, Modest Mouse, Sam Jayne, Mia Doi Todd, Jesse Sykes, the Long Winters, and many more. Past W.E.E. members include Dax Pearson, Chandan Narayan, and Josh Kilbourne and the current lineup features Craig Adams on guitars and Rich Douthit on drums with friend Eric Torborg contributing additional guitars to the recording.

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