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Since 2002, Eoin Galvin and Nick Palatucci – formerly Nicky Darger (Smath) – have been playing together as Readyville. The heartbreaking country/folk songs they provide are a far cry from their former Bay Area punk bands, including Chloe’s Ego and The B-Sides (Maximum Rock’n’Roll Records), but they still contain the taut enthusiasm and simplicity of straight-ahead punk rock. These days it’s just housed in a well-worded, chronically upset, country music shell.

In the last couple years, Readyville has been extremely lucky to play regularly with great Bay Area artists like Two Gallants, Nedelle, and several now-labelmates at venues that range from the legendary redwood walls of the Café Du Nord to the spraypainted walls of 924 Gilman. They have weathered a public feud with a friend they’ve eulogized in song (he’s still breathing) and also become a fave band of Village Voice music editor Rob Harvilla. Through it all, they’ve maintained the same plaintive-yet-rowdy approach to songwriting and life in general.

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