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Papercuts, photo by Dana LamanPapercuts, photo by Jason Quever

Papercuts is the musical moniker of songwriter and itinerant San Francisco resident Jason Robert Quever. With a steady stream of home recordings and an ever shifting lineup, Papercuts have been doing their thing in the Bay Area and beyond for the last ten years, garnering a boatload of critical praise and a fervent fan base. They’ve played NoisePop, the Mission Creek Music Festival, and have toured with Deerhoof, Beach House, Camera Obscura and too many more to mention.

Over the last few years, Jason has also worked with some of San Francisco’s most prominent young songwriters, including Cass McCombs, Andy Cabic/Vetiver, Owen Ashworth of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Luke Top of Fools Gold, Matt Popeliuch of Foreign Born, and many more. Jason’s work as a studio wizard has only been overshadowed by his own recordings under the Papercuts moniker, a trend certain to continue as he continues to issue recordings for the Sub Pop label.

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