The Wolfkings exist to throw fire in the face of anyone who believes that the eloquence and mystical nature of music has been lost. Like glimpses of hazy days and memories half-remembered and half-imagined, the songs of the Wolfkings offer up a collective window in which to view the less tangible aspects of life.

The best of youth spent indoors, schooling himself in the books of the Age of Anxiety and the films of the Chamber Cinema, Michael emerged through blankets of snow and set about building a house of finery from the ground up.

With his ears tuned in to the most affecting music of the modern (and lost) world, Michael assembled The Wolfkings from life-long friends and schoolyard chums.

Together they make music that wouldn’t sound out of place alongside such varied luminaries as Richard and Linda Thompson, latter-day Tindersticks, Meddle-era Pink Floyd, Beck’s Sea Change, and early Leonard Cohen; essentially anywhere where music has been transformed from the urbane to the transcendental.

Named for a mythical creature that used to roam the Southern California hillside, soaking up the influence of a harsher world and spitting out glowing amber stones – the Wolfkings have grown in stature as of late. The group currently counts adventurers M.C. Taylor, Scott Hirsch and James Kim (all members of the Court & Spark) as members. Other Wolfkings include, but are not limited to: Luke Top (Cass McCombs, Ceramic Isles), Shayde Sartin (Kelley Stoltz, Skygreen Leopards) and Patrick Main (Oranger, Paula Frazer).

Though the enlistment of such a wide array of people may diffuse the light that focuses on our man Michael, the Wolfkings remain his singular, undiluted vision. It’s a world where the corners are lit up and the mysteries are pushed out into the middle of the room. It’s the folk-tinged musings a man at ease with himself and the world, and yet permanently perplexed at the inner-workings of a clock.

Somebody, somewhere once took a pen to paper and wrote that “we must search for fragments, splinters, toenails, anything that has ore in it, anything that is capable of resuscitating the body and soul.” The Wolfkings have found these nuggets of ore and buried them deep under the desert sands and thick woods of natural wonder.

But take a deep breath before you dive headfirst into this brambly briar and beware of the surrounding teeth because they can indeed bite – beware, for the Wolfkings ride tonight!

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