Jan Norberg


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Jan Norberg is a Seattle native who grew up along with the local hardcore scene and whom had never left the state of Washington until he roadied a tour for Mudhoney. As his musical tastes developed beyond vegan hardcore, he drifted through the Sub Pop nexus, eventually honing his acoustic troubadour skills playing the city’s notorious after-party scene.

There, alongside members of bands like The Vells, Winter Flowers, and Modest Mouse, a folk rock renaissance flourished, quite distinct from the hard rock the city is known for. Jan quickly established a reputation as the Thin White Duke of Seattle, and it had little to do with his lanky frame or Nordic complexion. His debut release on Antenna Farm only confirmed his status as a songwriter and performer to watch.

Today, Jan’s full time gig is in the Seattle rock juggernaut Flying Fox where, in the words of the Seattle Weekly, he is “the most immediately commanding frontman in town.” He also continues to write and perform on his own and rumors abound about upcoming recordings.

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