Hard Place

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Like a genetic mutation of Queen, Devo, Joe Jackson and the Sparks, Hard Place have an endless supply of rock solid hooks and earnestly sarcastic wit. Formed in San Francisco in late 2000, this power-pop trio consisted of two buddies from Detroit (singer guitarist Freddy Cristy and keyboardist Nathan Shafer) and SF scene veteran Tom Marzella. Playing alongside Bay-Area scenesters like Drunk Horse, the Cuts, Bart Davenport, and the Lovemakers, the band consistently ratcheted up the hype meter until moving to LA in early 2003 to officially claim the title of “Courtney Love’s Least Favorite Band.”

Following the release of their Antenna Farm mini LP in 2004, Nathan Shafer left the band and was quickly replaced by long time Hard Place fan Actually Huizenga. Pumping new blood into the trio, Huizenga has taken the band in a more dramatic and theatrical direction, and the kids love it. With an excellent second album out now, the Hard Place are keepin’ it sexy.

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