Antenna Farm RecordsAntenna Farm was founded in late 2003 by three like-minded former music directors at KALX Berkeley. Taking their cues from the eclectic and genre-agnostic free form radio format that originally drew them together, these three pilgrims sought to document the rapidly evolving and diverse music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The label’s inaugural release was the critically acclaimed Game Preserve album by Bart Davenport, an auspicious start for the fledgling imprint, and a portent of things to come.

Flash forward a few years, and Antenna Farm has become an East Bay institution with an impressive catalog boasting albums by Papercuts, Agent Ribbons, Sugar & Gold, Social Studies, The Donkeys, Still Flyin’, The Botticellis, The Dry Spells and more. Adhering to their vision rooted in the diversity of free form radio, the Antenna Farm staff has sought out songwriters and musical collectives regardless of style or micro-genre with but one criteria in mind: their ability to make timeless, totally affecting records that just get played again and again. Antenna Farm’s roster has branched out beyond the Bay Area to include artists from all four corners of the US but remains a tight family of remarkable songwriters and people to watch. And like listening to your favorite college radio dj, when you put on an Antenna Farm record and start losing your self in those songs, it doesn’t matter if they’re bringing the jamz, gently serenading you, or somewhere in between, you’re going to like what you hear.


Meet the Farmers

Paul Koehler is lead A&R and all around late night Antenna Farm point person. A multi-instrumentalist veteran of the SF Bay Area indie rock scene, he has played in an endless stream of semi-obscure bands with names like Cars Get Crushed and Snow Park. While he continues to play live music (both in his own band and as a fill in player for whatever Antenna Farm artist calls on him) he has also moved into the producers role, engineering and producing albums by AF artists Sandycoates and Jan Norberg.

Jill Karjian is Antenna Farm’s chief graphic and web design guru, accountant, and chief bullshit detector, a role that has not prevented her from also playing a major role in A&R, artist relations and overall label strategy. In short she does it all, not a far cry from her day job at A-Train Entertainment , a thriving Oakland publishing and management firm. When not burning some serious midnight oil on one project or another for Antenna Farm, Jill spends her time tinkering with cameras and hiding in dark rooms.

Ian Hetzner spent his childhood concerned mostly with two things, San Francisco baseball and the woods. Dude even slept in his Giants cap up to like twelve or so. A move across the bridge to Berkeley brought an as yet unused forestry degree and many years working for the inimitable KALX radio. Oh, and hes an As fan these days, though the change of allegiance was not just one of geographic convenience. The As are the Bays team of the proletariat, the Giants so bourgeois. Until the revolution comes youll probably find him working here.