The Blank Tapes on Carson Daly, Thursday 11/21!

This week we have a little treat for you nite-owls at home in front of the Tee-Vee. The Blank Tapes will be featured on Thursday night’s broadcast of Last Call With Carson Daly!

Last Friday, the NBC crew loaded in to a sold out Blank Tapes show at The Troubadour in Hollywood for a short interview and then a taping of the gig, and they’ll be including a couple of the live songs (1000 Leather Tassles & Look Into The Light) in the segment.

Here’s the deets:

Thursday (11/21) night broadcast of Last Call With Carson Daly (technically it’s Friday, 11/22, cuz it’s 12:35/1:35) on yr local NBC affiliate.

Tee-Vee worth Tivo’ing, know what I mean?

UPDATE: Here are The Blank Tapes, doing 1000 Leather Tassels, from The Carson Daly Show!

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