Emily Jane White’s new Blood/Lines LP out now!

Emily Jane White - Blood/Lines

Emily Jane White - Blood/Lines

Emily Jane White‘s new LP, Blood/Lines is out now, courtesy of French imprint Talitres. Watch for a domestic version, courtesy of Important, in November.

Recorded in a secluded studio in Sonoma County, California, the quiet environment provided Emily a place to explore new directions and avenues with artistic integrity and creative control. Blood/Lines layers synthesizer, electric guitar and multiple tracks of vocals into nine heavily reverbed songs that mark a departure from Emily’s earlier gothic folk sound.

With the help of friends and collaborators, Emily’s worlds were diversified with strings, backing vocals, and heavy drums, creating dark and somber atmospheres through bright sounds, rhythmic drive, and pop sensibility. Fans of 2012’s Ode To Sentience (still available at the AF Store and on iTunes!) will be immediately entranced; Emily’s vignettes of love, anger, and violence will ring true, but in a whole new way.

Emily Jane White’s Blood/Lines is available on CD and LP from the Talitres web store.

Check out first single, Holiday Song, below.

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