Introducing Isadora!

Izzy Rider ArrivesHey All!

Join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Antenna Farm family. Isadora Vivien, born July 17th. And yes, she can sing like nobody’s business. Still pretty punk, but the technique will come in time.

We’ve always prided ourselves on running a label that was more like a family than a business, and our “mom & pop” approach to everything we did. Well, now Jill and Paul are actually a mom and pop, and Izzy Rider is a pretty big project!

As you might suspect, Izzy’s arrival comes with a bit of a slowdown in our immediate release schedule, and we currently have no new releases scheduled for the rest of 2013 while we take some time to get to know our newest signing.

But do stay tuned for new developments from Dana Falconberry (on tour now!) Emily Jane White (new LP in November!), The Blank Tapes (US tour with Sean Hayes in September/October!) and Social Studies (unstoppable!!!).

Cheers, and once again, Welcome to the Universe, Isadora!!

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