Dana Falconberry Tiny Desk Concert is LIVE!

Dana Falconberry & Band Tiny Desk Concert!

Dana Falconberry & Band Tiny Desk Concert!

During Dana Falconberry‘s late spring East Coast tour, she and her band stopped by the NPR offices for a bit and recorded a Tiny Desk Concert. It premiered yesterday on the NPR site, and it is awesome.

NPR has been a huge supporter of Dana’s most recent LP, Leelanau, and we want to thank them for putting this together. We could describe the session, but they did it perfectly:

Dana Falconberry‘s songs are gentle, almost invariably delicate, sometimes mysterious and frequently feather-light. But her music’s sweet, intricate softness never stands in for strength: This is a confident songwriter, whether she’s ambling through six- and seven-minute epics (“Leelanau,” “Dolomite“) or chirping sweetly in the bouncy “Crooked River.”

The compositions on Falconberry’s most recent album, last year’s Leelanau, are sturdy enough to be stripped down for a space like Bob Boilen’s desk at the NPR Music offices. But each benefits immeasurably from the broad assortment of lovely flourishes she re-creates here with the help of five instrument-swapping backing players. What makes Falconberry stand out in a crowded field of singer-songwriters is her music’s unfailing impeccability, and this Tiny Desk Concert finds her and her crack band hitting every immaculately crafted mark.” — Stephen Thompson, NPR.

Watch Dana Falconberry’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert below!

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