The Blank Tapes release Holy Roller single, blow up Twitter Music!

The Blank Tapes - Holy RollerThe Blank Tapes continue their tour supporting Matt Costa this week, headed back west through TX to California.

In the meantime, they’ve premiered a new single (via Paste) and released it to iTunes: the springtime rocker, Holy Roller. Re-worked from the version appearing on the upcoming Vacation LP, the single version of Holy Roller has a distinctive Dwight Twilley drive, with a little harder edge than the album version (which comes as the B-Side on the single).

The song is an ode to that shady old dude we all know, an unmistakable California fixture, part lurker, part wise sage, a dude who will steal your pen but still want to be your friend. Check it out below.

The Blank Tapes on Twitter MusicThe track was also released to Spotify and RDIO, where it seems to have blown up twitter this week. Indeed, yesterday The Blank Tapes and Holy Roller coasted to the top of the Emerging charts on Twitter Music, based on chatter on the twittersphere.

If you haven’t checked out Twitter Music yet, you can find it here. Kinda cool.

But even better, check out HOLY ROLLER on iTunes, Spotify or RDIO ! Or stream it free below!

The Blank Tapes –
Holy Roller

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