Pre-Order The Blank Tapes – Vacation Now!

The Blank Tapes - VacationOK, check it out. The Blank Tapes are on tour, and a lot of folks have been asking “When can I get my hands on a copy of their amazing new album Vacation?” Literally, that is the exact set of words they are using.

Well, the LP and CD aren’t in stores until May 14th. BUT, we don’t like making people wait, so we went ahead and set up a pre-order through the AF store and iTunes. Because patience is not a virtue we care about.

So order now, and we will be shipping LPs and CD pre-orders the first week of May. US orders will have copies in hand well before day of release.

Likewise, pre-order from iTunes now and you’ll get an auto-download of the full album (with an exclusive pdf booklet of original Matt Adams art & lyrics) on May 7th, a full week before release date!

Sound good? Order NOW!

Pre-order the Vacation LP from the AF store (comes with d/l card & bonus EP!)

Pre-order the Vacation CD from the AF store (comes with free limited edition tour poster!)

Pre-order Vacation from iTunes (comes with 2 bonus tracks and pdf booklet of original art & lyrics!)

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