Agent Ribbons release Coney Island video for Jamaica and the Wishing Shrine!

Agent Ribbons - Let Them TalkAgent Ribbons spent all of October on tour, including a bunch of days in New York for CMJ. Towards the end of their stay in the Big Apple, Natalie and Lauren headed out to Coney Island with their friend Jason Hood, who brought with them his trusty Super 8 camera. Once there they got to work shooting footage for a new video.

Of course they had no idea that Hurricane Sandy would roll through just days later, devastating the Brooklyn landmark and forever changing the local landscape.

Jamaica and the Wishing Shrine is a wistful and dreamy ballad from the band’s new EP, Let Them Talk. And the Super 8 format, with it’s ersatz home-movie feel, perfectly match the lyrical themes of nostalgia and a hints of sadness for a friend who has moved on.

All the more poignant then, as plans to rebuild Coney Island will offer an excuse for developers to tear out as much of the old-timey charm as they can, replacing it with generic new seafront attractions. Goodbye hotdog stand, hello Applebee’s.

So enjoy this video from Agent Ribbons, a snapshot of the classic Coney Island that may have been lost forever.



Jamaica And The Wishing Shrine by Agent Ribbons

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