Dana Falconberry’s Leelanau LP streaming at Spin, at iTunes now with bonus tracks!

Dana Falconberry - LeelanauDana Falconberry‘s fabulous new album, Leelanau, will be available on CD and LP next Tuesday, October 9th at your favorite local record store (or at Amazon of course), but really, it pains us to make you wait for this amazing piece of music.

So now we’ve really done it. We’ve gone ahead and made the album available early in several different ways….one of which is FREE!

First, we’ve put together a special iTunes exclusive edition of the Leelanau album complete with 2 bonus tracks and a iTunes lyrics booklet. The bonus cuts are 2 excellent demos from the early recording sessions and are not only a cool window into the creative process behind the album, they really do stand alone as great songs on their own. Check it out yourself over at iTunes!

Second, we are now shipping all pre-orders through the Antenna Farm store on Leelanau CDs and LPs within 24 hours of receipt, so if you order now, chances are you will have a copy in your mailbox on or before street date next week! All orders ship with a limited edition Dana Falconberry tour poster while supplies last, so this is a great deal for anyone who is still as attached to physical media as we are! Order your copy HERE.

Finally….the FREE option! The fine folks at Spin.com are loving this album almost as much as we do. “Exquisite”, they call it. Well, if that’s a fancy word for “great”, we’ll take it! They hit us up to feature a free stream of the full album this week, and you know, when Spin calls, we answer. So if you’re not yet sold, or if you haven’t heard Dana yet (what?!?), head on over to Spin.com and check out the full album, streaming for free all this week!

By the way, Dana is playing her record release party this Thursday in Austin, followed by a month of touring with Heartless Bastards and My Jerusalem. Check the tour dates HERE, and if she’s coming to your town, cancel any other plans. You don’t want to miss this!

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