Emily Jane White’s new album, Ode To Sentience, on iTunes now!

Emily Jane White has been hailed as an “Accomplished Storyteller” (Prefix) and  ”Southern lit for the chamber folk set” (SF Mag). Her new album, Ode To Sentience, will be available at your local record store on June 12th, but you can download your copy of this amazing album NOW via iTunes!

That’s right, true believer! With Ode to Sentience hitting radio now and a US Tour for EJW starting this week, we worked with iTunes to set up a pre-release….we hate making people wait for music this good. And iTunes must feel the same way, they are featuring the album as a “New and Noteworthy” release on both their Alternative and Indie sections!

Full album downloads also come with a digital lyric booklet, so head on over to iTunes!

And yes, if digital downloads aren’t your thing, here’s a little secret just between us: From now until release date, all CD orders through the Antenna Farm Store will ship within 24 hours, so an early order will still get this great album to you on or before the official release date. We’ll even throw in a limited edition tour poster with all orders while supplies last!

Antenna Farm is proud to present Ode To Sentience, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Head on over to iTunes or the Antenna Farm Store to check it out first hand!




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