Bart Davenport releases video for Cheap Words!

In case there was still some lingering doubt as to whether Berkeley’s favorite son has actually made the move to the City of Angels, we now have definitive proof.

Bart Davenport has just released the video for Cheap Words, the B-side to his new Someone2Dance 7″, and it’s a beautiful montage of the sights of downtown Los Angeles at night…a perfect match for Sam Flax‘s synth-driven minimalist production on the track, itself a reduction of earlier pop versions of the song more in line with Cheap Words’ running themes of isolation and loneliness, wasted love and alienation. 

Produced by the very talented Peter Rubi, and featuring Erin Weber, the video for Cheap Words is a paean to the desolation of skid row, both on the streets of Los Angeles and as part of a modern love affair. Wasted love indeed. Watch Now.


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