Emily Jane White releases Requiem Waltz single to iTunes!

The second single from Emily Jane White‘s upcoming Ode To Sentience album releases to iTunes today!

Requiem Waltz is a dark meditation on loss and helplessness in the face of destructive acts by the ones we love…with a haunting piano motif throughout. Emily describes the origins of the song, courtesy of American Songwriter:

““Requiem Waltz was originally written on guitar, but I later re-wrote it for the piano and liked that version much better. Once the song was finished I presented it to Carey Lamprecht [violin] and Jen Grady [cello] during a rehearsal in Jen’s livingroom, and together they came up with the beautiful string arrangement. I think we performed it for the first time that very same summer at a show with The Mumlers at The Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco.”

The Requiem Waltz single is available on iTunes Now!

Emily Jane White’s third album, Ode To Sentience is her most realized work to date. Drawing upon finger-picked folk, traditional country, classical music and rock, White creates an expansive space for her intuitive lyrics and elegiac vocals. Ode To Sentience will be released in the United States on June 12th, 2012.
Emily Jane White – Requiem Waltz by Antenna Farm Records

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