Emily Jane White Daytrotter Session Now Available!

Just  a quick note to let you know that Emily Jane White’s Daytrotter session is now live!

Recorded in San Francisco back in February during one of their special Noise Pop sessions, the intrepid Sean Moeller and his crew captured 4 songs from Emily’s upcoming album release, Ode To Sentience live in the studio. And as is par for the Daytrotter course, these tracks capture the urgency of live performance (no over-dubs ever allowed!) but with the crisp high fidelity of a top gear studio session.

Other artists who have recorded great Daytrotter sessions read like a who’s who of modern music greats: Fleet Foxes, Wire, Bon Iver, Cowboy JunkiesMGMT, Dinosaur JR, and many more have done DT sessions, as well as Antenna Farm artists Agent RibbonsBart DavenportThe Botticellis, The Donkeys, and Papercuts. In short, if you are not familiar with DT, you owe it to yourself to head over to the site and give a listen. And how better to start than with the brand new Emily Jane White Session!

Happy Listening!

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