Foxtails Brigade Release Holiday Album!

Foxtails Brigade - Time Is Passed CDThe holidays can be a lovely time of year, but sometimes it can also be really trying. The stress of speedshopping, the frantic rush to hit a hundred deadlines before years’ end…and then the music. Oh, God…the Christmas Music. An awful cavalcade of treacle, a flood of new recordings of standards that were totally beat last year and the year before, when some other washed up pop star dumped them on our collective psyche.
It always has us asking the question: why doesn’t someone make a good holiday album?
Well, that day has arrived. Foxtails Brigade has just put together a short CD called Time Is Passed that collects the music they composed for the short independent film Losing Ferguson along with a string of Christmas and Holiday themed songs that capture songwriter Laura Weinbach’s uniquely snarky and self-deprecating melancholy to a T.

To see what we’re talking about, stream I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year. One of our fave cuts from the CD and pretty much the theme we’re running with this year!

Foxtails Brigade – I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood This Year

Have a listen and you’ll see that this CD is the perfect companion piece for the holiday season, a wonderful way to cope with the next month of forced cheer and fake retail smiles. The best part is that you can order a copy for friends and family (and yourself!) without having to pepper spray anyone at your local Wal-Mart, just head over to the Antenna Farm Store to grab a copy, no fuss no muss!

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