Foxtails Brigade Head to Europe!

Anton and Laura of Foxtails Brigade have fled the US for Europe, taking a stripped down version of the band on the road for some recording and guerilla street action.


Starting today, they will be in Reykjavik, Iceland for 10 days of shows and some recording work towards a follow-up album to The Bread and The Bait with Ryan Karazija (formerly of the excellent Audrye Sessions, now recording solo under the name Low Roar). Following that, it’s on to Paris for a week, then Berlin, Prague, Normandy, Bath, and wrapping up in London before returning to the states in early October.


The band will be playing club shows, but true to their nature, they’ll be playing the streets of Europe the entire time, busking from city to city. So keep your eyes and ears open, and be sure to follow Foxtails Brigade on twitter:

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