Sugar & Gold Release New Video!

It’s the dog days of summer and we’re all doing what we can to beat the heat. For some, it’s a run through the sprinklers, and for others, it’s a couple frosty ones down by the river. Well Sugar & Gold have a different idea. What about a warehouse party with a bunch of lame hipsters getting broken up by a werewolf rampage? Cold as ice!

Yes. Dance pop masters Sugar & Gold have just wrapped a new video, and it is all about keeping cool….but not too cool, otherwise there could be some blood on the dance floor….quite literally! First the band handed off their track Feels Like Fire (from their 2010 album Get Wet!) to their friend Nastique (AKA Dani Deluna, up-and-coming NYC DJ) for a 4 on the floor makeover. The original cut was already pretty hard, but the Nastique treatment takes it to a whole ‘nother level. You can find her version of Feels Like Fire, along with a bunch of other great remixes by the likes of Yip Deceiver, Sorcerer, and Maus Haus on Sugar & Gold’s Bodyaches Remix EP, released digitally earlier this year.

The track complete, S&G then hooked up with their friends over at Rebus101 Films to create the visual. And the resulting video for the Feels Like Fire remix is a tongue-in-cheek visit to a warehouse full of evil hipsters…bored to death until a werewolf tears up the party! Beware the concoction the creepy pharmacist hands you, this is a killer high. And yeah, you may never try to take a cell-phone picture of someone writhing on the dance floor ever again.

Watch Now:

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