SXSW 2011 Wrap Up!

Ah yes, another SXSW has come and gone, a million excellent performances, beers, and gray tacos consumed, and the out of towners have departed, leaving the Austinites to clean up the mess. We at Antenna Farm had a great time, even if we don’t have stories of imminent riots or artist-on-crowd violence to share…

First off, a hearty thanks to The Ghost Room, our new favorite venue in Austin, who hosted the Antenna Farm showcase. What a great room, super comfortable, and great sound. Kudos! A big thanks to Yip Deceiver and Judgement Day, who rounded out our showcase. And also a huge thanks to the folks at Nail, Wiretap, SF Embassy, SFitAll, the Rheeperbahn, and everyone else who invited AF artists to play their events. Rager!

But back to the performances. I suppose I could discuss them, but why bother when the videographers were so copious! Below are three short vids from the AF & Friends showcase, featuring Agent Ribbons, Social Studies, and Sugar & Gold, shot by the inimitable Bob Boilen of NPR. And the 4th video is a special performance by Foxtails Brigade, shot at the lovely Hotel Driskill by our friends at WomensRadio. Enjoy!

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