Presenting…. “Searching For Bart Davenport”

Shortly after a European tour back in early 2010, German label Tapete approached Bart Davenport about doing an album with them. They wanted to discuss doing an record that would be closer to his solo acoustic performances than anything he’d released previously, the idea being to just record Bart with just acoustic guitar and voice….plus a good amount of reverb!

Bart liked the idea, but proposed a small twist: instead of doing originals, the album would be made up of covers of some of his favorite singer songwriters. People familiar with BD’s live shows know he has a penchant for great and inventive covers, drawn from a wide range of classic songwriters. The result is the revelatory new album, Searching For Bart Davenport.

And indeed, you may recognize a few tracks contained herein. With just his guitar and gentle baritone, Bart takes on songs by Broadcast, Love, Gil Scott-Heron, The Moore Brothers, Kings of Convenience, Bert Jansch, The Incredible String Band, Caetano Veloso and more, stripping them of their ornate garments and shimmering jewelry in order to reveal their inner beauty, the way only Bart Davenport can do.

Through a special arrangement with Tapete Records, Antenna Farm is pleased to make a limited run of Searching For Bart Davenport available on LP or CD through the Antenna Farm store (LPs pressed on 140 gram vinyl and come with high quality MP3 download card). This is an import and is not scheduled for an American release, but for a limited time, you can find a copy right here.

To get a feel for Searching For Bart Davenport, check the video for BD’s cover of Broadcast’s ‘Come On Let’s Go”. Recorded months before Trish Keenan’s tragic death, the song is a touching tribute to her work, a radical reworking from the original that is nonetheless a fitting remembrance of her immense talent as a songwriter.

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