Happy Valentines Day from Foxtails Brigade!

Yes, that special day is once again upon us! I know not everyone loves Valentines Day….it’s over commercialized, a materialistic cyclone of quickly trashed cards and little plastic keepsakes mass produced with toxic materials in third world sweatshops…..Sure. It’s also not that great if you’re celebrating it alone!

BUT it’s also a great time to think about those in your life who mean a lot to you, to think about the role and importance of love in our lives and what it means those other 364 days of the year. And if you ARE in a “thing” with someone special, be sure to remind them how much they mean to you today….and everyday.

In that endeavor, Foxtails Brigade is here to help! Their upcoming album, The Bread and the Bait is out April 12th (but taking pre-orders now!) and in the meantime, they are issuing new videos every two weeks, part of their Winter Sessions series. Today’s video is a beautiful performance of Edith Piaf‘s classic ‘La Vie En Rose‘, a special Valentines treat. So share this video with someone you love and have a happy Valentines Day!

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