Happy Holidays, help us recover a stolen guitar!

Some things are hard to understand. I guess we should be used to it by now, but it’s always a bit difficult reconciling the idea that if 90% of humans are fundamentally good people, then 10% must be rotten bastards. I guess that explains the US congress as well.

Anyway, here’s the story. Natalie from Agent Ribbons had her 1967 Danelecto convertible (with an 80s neck) stolen following their show in SF last Friday night.  If you are familiar with guitars, you know this is not a particularly big ticket item, but they are all unique and very nearly irreplaceable.

So Bay Area folks, please keep an eye out for this guitar. It is seen in the photo above. And as much as we are tempted to visit violence upon the perpetrator, really we just want to get the guitar back to its rightful owner. If you have seen it, or have a tip as to it’s whereabouts, please let us know….no questions asked.

I suppose I should also let you know about another way to support our artists (all of them) this holiday season, and that is by heading over to the AF store and taking advantage of the Antenna Farm Holiday Sale. Use promo code ‘falala25′ at checkout for a 25% discount on all items throughout the month of December. That puts all CDs and LPs at $9 or less! There is no better gift than the gift of music, even when it’s for yourself!

So happy holidays from all of us here at Antenna Farm. We will join you in a toast to grinning and bearing it during the hardest of times, and the ability of the greatest artists amongst us to wrestle beauty out of ugliness, joy out of pain, and triumph from tragedy. It is but our humble duty to help bring these artists’ work to you, and for joining us in this journey, we thank you.

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