Agent Ribbons in VICE, Europe Tour starts NOW!

Wow. Thumbing through this month’s Vice Magazine record reviews, we were pleasantly surprised to see a review of Agent Ribbons‘ new album Chateau Crone. As a bonus, it’s a positive review, and doesn’t have that little pukey face! Alright! To wit:

“They have impeccable taste in musical genres, and can morph from swampy 60s garage rock to harmony-laden gothy chamber-pop to campy cabaret like it’s no big whoop. I hear shades of the Shangri-las, the Raincoats, Rasputina, Helium, and Dame Darcy (who also drew one of their 7-inch covers)—all awesome things to hear shades of.”

Nice. To read more of the VICE review, click here. To get your copy of Chateau Crone on CD/LP/MP3, click here.

So anyway, what do Agent Ribbons do in response to this great review? They’re leaving the country! Don’t worry, they’ll be back in December for some California and Austin shows, but for now, France, Spain and Portugal, watch out!

European Tour Dates below the fold….

European Tour Dates

Nov 19         L’international                                            Paris, FRANCE
Nov 22         Le Saint De Seins           Toulouse Toulouse, FRANCE
Nov 23         La Maison                                                Boucou, FRANCE
Nov 24         Festival de Cine de Gijonn                         Gijon, SPAIN
Nov 27         Primavera Club                                          Madrid, SPAIN
Nov 28         Planta Baja                                                 Granada, SPAIN
Nov 29         La Traviata                 Villanueva De La Serena, SPAIN
Nov 30         O Meu Mercedes                                  Porto, PORTUGAL
Dec 1            Museo do Abade de Bacal          Braganca, PORTUGAL
Dec 2            La Lata de Bombillas                              Zaragosa, SPAIN
Dec 3            Joe Strummer Club                                          Olot, SPAIN
Dec 4            Teatre Cirviannnum                                  Torello, SPAIN
Dec 5            Sala Por Confirmar                               Barcelona, SPAIN

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