Agent Ribbons’ Chateau Crone out Today!

Agent Ribbons - Chateau CroneThe long wait is finally over!

Agent Ribbons‘ much anticipated second album, Chateau Crone, is released today on CD and MP3 format, and you can score a copy at your favorite local record store. And if they don’t have it yet, you can tell them what’s up! By the way, vinyl lovers need not worry, LPs will be available November 9th, so hold tight, we’re taking pre-orders on those right now.

We’ve already said a ton about this album, but no need to trust us, we admit it, we’re biased! We love Agent Ribbons! So check out what some other folks are saying about Chateau Crone!

“Feel good garage rock” – NPR, All Songs Considered

“Chateau Crone is a delightfully eccentric charmer of a debut record. Tracyannne Campbell from Camera Obscura is already a fan. This record will make one of you.” – Kansas City Free Press

“The ladies of Agent Ribbons combine dreamy baroque pop with a startling garage-rock edge. ” – LA Times

“blessed with lovely soaring voices and adept musicianship, these ladies flat-out rock in a wonderfully quirky, inventive, and original way. A marvelously offbeat delight.” – Jersey Beat

“The best f**king band in America right now” — Everett True, Collapse Board & Bust Magazine

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So get yourself down to your favorite local record store and pick up a copy of Agent Ribbons’ Chateau Crone today, or hell, head on over to the Antenna Farm Store and we’ll have a copy in the mail to you tomorrow morning!

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