Agent Ribbons iTunes Pre-Release, Available NOW!

Agent Ribbons isn’t just a band–it’s a tree house club of post-feminist dreamers trying to find their place in the scheme of things, like a hand-sewn and lovingly-crafted garment in a modern, disposable world. Their new album, Chateau Crone is their masterpiece, a witty and lyrical rejoinder that hints at tin pan alley melodicism and classic European cabaret while remaining rooted in a raw garage rock sensibility. If earlier efforts have been described as a kind of Victorian Punk, perhaps a more apt description of Chateau Crone might be the Girls in the Garage doing the Three Penny Opera.

Antenna Farm is pleased to present Agent Ribbons’ Chateau Crone, available TODAY from the iTunes store, one of their “New and Noteworthy” releases! Full album orders will come with a 14 page digital Chateau Crone handbook, available exclusively from iTunes.

But yes, we know that the digital version isn’t for everyone. The CD version of Chateau Crone comes complete with a 24 page handbook and a temporary tattoo for aspiring Chateau Cronies, and will be in your favorite local record store on October 12th. Or you can order your copy NOW from the Antenna Farm store, all orders will ship within 24 hours and will include a limited edition bonus poster and extra temporary tattoo while supplies last!

And for the real audiophiles out there, Chateau Crone will be available in November as a high quality 140 gram vinyl LP. Like the CD version, the LP comes with a 24 page booklet and temporary tattoo, along with a download card good for a free 320K MP3 album download. But November’s a long time to wait for one of the most anticipated albums of the fall, so when you pre-order the LP through the Antenna Farm store we will send you a link to download the full album within 24 hours. Combine that with the bonus poster and extra temporary tattoo that come with all orders, and you’ve got a real deal on your hands here!

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