Sugar & Gold present S&G TV!

Sugar & GoldYeah, summer’s wrapping up. Time to put the bathing suit away and start planning for fall. Sugar & Gold are taking it in stride. With singer and keyboardist Painless off on tour with Of Montreal, the band is on a brief hiatus, but that doesn’t mean guitarist and vocalist PAM isn’t hard at work.

For many of us, fall means settling into the couch and watching some serious television. But you can go ahead and turn off Mad Men, send your Dexter disc back to Netflix, and forget about the rest of Project Runway (this season’s too whiny anyway!).

Yes, courtesy of Sugar & Gold, we have a programming solution for you: S&G TV! Pull back the curtain and see what makes Sugar & Gold tick, and join PAM as he walks through the creation of a new song. Equal parts meditation, inspiration….and David Lee Roth. Watch now:

And for kicks, here’s a throwback to the video Sugar & Gold did earlier this year for The New Gay, an acoustic acid trip version of Salty Seraphim:

Sugar and Gold – salty seraphim (new gay acoustic)

And of course, don’t forget to check out Sugar & Gold’s new album, Get Wet!

And finally, check out what Painless has been up to, as part of the Of Montreal touring band:

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